Material Companions ~ Laptops, Phone and Tablet

These are items I “can’t live without” ~ My materialistic companions help me:

  • Earn money to live.
  • Keep in touch with my true companion in life ~ Allan.
  • Preserve memories
  • Attempt to tap into my creativity ~ It’s in me somewhere!
  • Have contact with far away family and friends
  • Perhaps have a little something in common with the younger generations growing up with electronics in hand.


P.S. ~ If I had to live without these electronic companions, I could, and potentially be less stressed out as well! LOL!



Topic inspired by Daily Prompts.


2 thoughts on “Material Companions ~ Laptops, Phone and Tablet

  1. I don’t know how I managed to survive my life before my companions came into it ;). I come here by way of Hugh Roberts blog and I am enjoying your photos and comments very much. It’s very nice to meet you 🙂

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    1. Nice to meet you as well, Linda! I definitely identify with some things you wrote about on your about page ☺ I look forward to reading your blog and I’m so glad you found mine. Have a great day!


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