An Empty Space


This is our courtyard that until recently was our sanctuary ~ filled with the life of our plants, the activity of lizards and birds being inquisitive and our spot to sit in the mornings and in the evenings enjoying the contentment of our own company or the peace and quiet.

Now that this space is empty, we feel very uncomfortable.  We miss the life that thrived there with our own lives intertwined.  This empty space is also representative of the empty space left within me for my brother whom I simply was never able to connect with.  The opportunity to connect that I had hoped for in the future will not happen now because my brother had no hope and must have had his own empty feelings to contend with.

Our courtyard will come back to life in a few days and we will return to our comfortable space. The uncomfortable, difficult emotions I carry everyday in regards to my only brother slowly begin to make a little sense and I will fill the emptiness that is left in me with a few good memories from our childhood that I am starting to slowly recall.

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt ~ Empty

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