Fountain ~ Too Complicated, Never Again!

My contribution to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt ~ Complicated.

Do not think you will buy a fountain, fill it with water, plug it in and enjoy. Much more complicated than expected……

Good luck getting it level!
Good luck keeping it from being green without chemicals!
Loses water quickly and runs real LOUD, not exactlying calming. Get an app.




3 thoughts on “Fountain ~ Too Complicated, Never Again!

  1. I laughed so much early this morning over your post about the fountain.. I too have found items that offer peace and tranquillity rarely hold water so to speak… I’m still giggling over here looking at the green water, as I too had that same problem.. I wonder if a shady spot might help.. I tried that but, it didn’t and I don’t use chemicals either.. Love your blog title and I just know I’ll enjoy digging into your photos with delight.. Take care and have a most delightful day and evening, from Laura


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