It Caught My Eye! Honeysuckle Vine Growth

Everytime we plant Honeysuckle, we never see it mature because we move. We planted 4 Honeysuckle vines this year in the spring ~ we want to move in this case.

Seriously, We love Honeysuckle!  I love flowering vines, especially ones that attract Hummingbirds. The little cluster of redish/orangeish/yellowish flowers are so dainty and pretty.

We planted these Honeysuckles in the spring, they were doing well until the heat of the summer. They stopped growing and their leaves were  burning, we were getting a little worried. Now that the heat has lifted, somewhat, our vines have started growing again:

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Foaped It! Aging Hands Mission by Getty Images

There are two weeks left for this mission on Foap. They have a lot of different missions, it’s quite fun. I am still working on my goal of selling my first picture on Foap and this is my latest entry. 

These are my husband’s “aging” hands if 60 is considered aged. Maybe ripened or wisened would sound nicer but this is as “old” as I have access to. LOL!  I did not ask him to pose, I looked up from my tablet and his hands and how they were holding the phone caught my eye so I told him to keep doing what he was doing while I captured his hands. And VOILA!

Check it out:

Any Foapers out there? I can be found under user name ~ candice.12.marie or leave your Foap user name in the comments and I’ll follow you there!

Have a Lovely Evening!