Macroments: To Pull Them Out or Not To Pull Them Out

We were literally going to pull these Purple  Potato Vines out today and plant Pansies but then I noticed some very welcomed visitors enjoying the flowers:

And this little guy:

We decided that once we notice that our visitors have moved on, then, we will pull and plant Pansies.

Photos taken with my Samsung Note 4 and edits include cropping, adding my signature and brightening/contrast (only on the middle moth picture).

Enjoy the day!

Candice~Marie CMB

Macroment: Take It With A Grain of Salt

I used to take words directed towards me to heart ~ Now, I take the words that come my way with a grain of salt ~ It works for me.

Course Kosher Salt in this case!

Taken with my Samsung Note 4.

Edits Include:

  • Adding my signature

My Own Critique:

  • I need to get a more clear and crisp shot

Until Tomorrow,

Candice~Marie CMB

Macroment: Hardware

I’m on the cusp of upping my macro photography game, folks. I learned two new things today:

  • I CAN get more macro on this Samsung Note 4 ~ not quite there yet but I’m on the verge of discovery.
  • I like shots of hardwares.

These two photos are of the same subject. This bolt was one of several holding a picnic table  together. The wood looks cool, too…

Hardware is strong ~ be strong, like hardware.



Golden Hour: Purple Queens and Honeysuckle Vine

Hello! I’ve been wanting to do a series of the photos I take during Golden Hour but I keep missing it.  I did, however, manage to remember yesterday. Golden Hour started at 610pm:

This plant has flowers in the morning but they have closed by evening time.

We planted this Honeysuckle Vine in the spring, we are looking forward to seeing how it looks next spring:

Have a great Saturday,

Candice~Marie  CMB

Macroment: Home Sweet Home

I’ve probably posted a picture in the past of this same plant but I took this photo a week ago. My plant was not looking too good so I had cut it down and it started growing again. It likes the cooler weather just like I do!

Happy Friday All,


Gone Fishing

Hello Everyone!

 Many of you have visited my blog and I usually try to visit all of the blogs I follow and anyone who has liked something of mine within a day or two but I haven’t been able to do this recently.  I look forward to catching up with everyone this weekend to see what everyone is up to.

Have a great week and here’s 2 pictures I tried to snatched without people looking at me like I’m nuts:

Until the weekend, my blog friends,


Macroment: Black Pearl Ornamental Peppers

We love the colors displayed by these Black Pearl Ornamental Peppers. They are labeled as an annual but we cut them down last winter where we had them growing in containers and they grew back thicker plus the seeds from the peppers grow, too. Now we have transplanted a few to the front garden and they are doing great in the heat of the Texas sun.

Little Purple Flowers are produced:

And from the little purple flowers, the peppers are born beginning from orange and morphing to red and then to black. We love the leaf color as well.

Photos taken with my Samsung Note 4.

Edits Include:

  • Cropping
  • Adding my signature

Have a Happy Friday!

Candice~Marie CMB

Macroment: Flying Thing

I took the opportunity to capture this small insect since it landed on my hand  ~ I operated the camera phone with my other hand.


Images captured on my Samsung Note 4 camera.

Edits Include:

  • Adding my signature

Thank you for visiting,

Candice~Marie 🐞

Doing Our Local Thing

In response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge ~ LOCAL.

I cannot say this is where my heart is, but we do the best we can for now.

We like to go to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop once a week for the $2.00 Ziegen Bockers:

We sit outside and watch the parade of pick up trucks after work. We have noticed in this part of Texas, at least, that there are a lot of proud pick up truck owners out there. There are some really nice ones, too, and they love to rev their engines when they drive by because I guess they know everyone is looking. LOL! It’s really kind of fun and makes us smile.

Here is our view from our seats of the Pearl Street Station which is an old gas station that now serves BBQ and Babe’s Chicken Dinner House :

We like to watch the people going in and out of  both restaurants, they are always busy:

We are always looking at this chicken:

And the seating is always interesting at Babe’s:

We always find a few things to enjoy wherever we are but our hearts are longing for the woods of Wisconsin, that is where we want to find ourselves, eventually.

Thanks for stopping by,

Candice~Marie 🐞