Ancient Pathways

When you are approaching Dinosaur Valley State Park, in Glen Rose, TX ~ You MIGHT think it is going to be hoakey because of all the dinosaur statues, signs, etc. but I can assure you, that it is LEGIT and you will be very pleased. It is worth the ride from Dallas/Fort Worth and if the weather is appropriate, bring your swimwear or you will be disappointed for sure.

We spent the weekend crossing the Paluxy River, looking for dinosaur foot prints, hiking and Geocaching. Didn’t think to bring the swimsuits , hence, we were a little disappointed!

Here is part of what we experienced:

I think I know what the below are called but I am not confident enough to say, it was a three toed being:

The below belongs to a much bigger creature. The heel is by my elbow and where it looks a little deeper is like the ball of the foot:


Walking the Equestrian Trail:

Looking longingly at the Blue Hole and wishing we had brought our swim gear, at least there was some good reading:


We did take our shoes and socks off to walk along these pathways. The water felt so cool and refreshing on our feet:

We also had a lot of fun searching for a geocache, if you haven’t tried it, we highly recommend it. Get the app, find the treasure, add/take a little momento to/from the box, log it on the app and go find the next one:

We added the little Chicago Blackhawks trinket, being from Chicago and all….


We had a great time this weekend getting lost out on the trails ~ literally lost.  Getting out in the sunshine, getting a little exercise, seeing new sights and opening up a new door for us felt really good.

Anyone have geocaching experience? Any advice? Apparently it is worldwide with over 2 million geocache out there. We are trying to understand trackables….

Have a great week y’all!

Candice~Marie and Allan




8 thoughts on “Ancient Pathways

  1. Very interesting walk. Fascinating to see these prehistoric footprints. Interesting co-incidence to have the horses on the trail as well. In a book I read ‘The Horse’ by Wendy Williams she talks about the places in the world where prehistoric footprints of horses ( the early two and three toed variety) and humans are found together! One such place is in the US ( Wyoming I think) and fossils indicate that the earliest humans and the earliest horses ( small creatures known as ‘dawn horses’) were found together.

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    1. It really was fascinating to see the prehistoric footprints. We are going to keep going back to see all of them. Sometimes you can’t see depending on water conditions in the river. Have you read the Clan of the Cave Bear series? You might find it interesting, the horse relationship doesn’t come in until the second book but I’ve read the series about 5 times. I find horses so interesting but I don’t have much experience. That one I took the picture of kept pushing me out of his way, LOL!

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      1. Thanks for that reference to the Cave Bear series. I shall look that up. As for the horse pushing you ….he may have previously been given treats and was giving you a push to ask where his treat is. It’s not good behavior but some horses do tend to do it. Mine is always snuffling about my pockets looking for treats!


    2. i have been to Glen Rose many times in the past. Some one made fake foot prints and says humans lived with dinosaurs. All they want to do is re rite geologic history . Years ago i went to see the dinosaur tracks , there real.

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      1. Yeah, I’m not too much informed on all of that. All I know, is I enjoyed Dinosaur Valley and I’m going to go back for sure! If I get to Wyoming sometime, I’ll check out the human/ dawn horse prints. It’s all interesting to think about.

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