Macro Moment: More Macro Bubbles

I read a post on Steve Grundy Photography this morning on how to create bubbles on a piece of lime in a glass. I thought I would try it ~ someday…. Alas, Allan came home from the grocery store and by coincidence, he happened to buy some sparkling water, then he asked me if I wanted some and when he handed it to me I saw he had added a cherry.  Very convenient, all of this, so here are my pictures:

  • I do want to redo these and take my time. I was afraid the bubbles would disappear so I was rushing some.
  • I was also feeling a little stressed because the outside of the glass was fogging up so I changed my view to the top but there was ice in the way.
  • I need to calm down when I’m taking pictures and take my time.


Photographed using my Samsung Note 4 camera.

Edits Include:

  • Cropping
  • Adding my signature

Thoughts, critiques and advice are always welcome in the comments. šŸ˜Š

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