Prickly Purple Pineapples

Prickly Purple Pineapples ~ Lurking on the ground in a forest near you.

One day, I’ll learn the real name of these interesting looking plants.


Candice~Marie 🐞


4 thoughts on “Prickly Purple Pineapples

    1. Thank you, you really made me feel good and I really appreciate the compliment and the nomination. I also enjoy your blog very much. I used to have a Greyhound I adopted after he broke his leg racing and the Whippets remind of him. He lived to 14 years old which is pretty good for the large dog that he was. Thanks again, have a great weekend and take care! 💖

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      1. It is my pleasure Candice-Marie, I love your photographs and how wonderful that you adopted a retired racing greyhound as well! 14 Years is a super age for a greyhound. We have adopted two in the past who lived to be 10 years old and a lurcher who lived until he was 13. So nice to get to know you through here and we wish you a wonderful weekend too! :o)

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