Macroment: Winged Thing

I am starting to feel a lot more comfortable using my Camkix Macro Lens which attaches to my phone.  I still don’t edit very much but I usually sharpen the picture a little bit and add my signature. That’s it, nothing too fancy.

Here is the poor creature who’s space I invaded for a ridiculous amount of time:

Have an excellent Sunday,


Macroment: Am I Invading Your Space?

Good Morning! How was Black Friday for anyone who braved it? I have gone out shopping on Black Friday only a few times. There are simply too many people and I have a certain space requirement of about, I don’the know, but it’s large and I feel uncomfortable when people invade that space.  I call those that clearly give no thought to their own space which means they don’t pick up on the fact that they are invading my space ~ Space Invaders. You are talking to me, I keep backing up, don’t you wonder why? LOL! Apparently, America has the largest general personal space requirements. Anyways, I feel like when I’m  taking some of my photos that I am definitely being a Space Invader.


I was able to finish making the Pierogis yesterday. The cookies got put off to today because I made a pizza from scratch instead.

Today, I make Hungarian Christmas cookies and most likely be a Space Invader in the garden.

Enjoy the day,


Macroment: I Got Bugs In The Garden and I Don’t Know…

I really should get a bug guide…  Here are some shots from the garden from earlier in the week. I was excited because this one is the most colorful bug I’ve noticed so far and this one lone Echinecea flower in my garden is really attracting quite a few diners. I can’t wait until next year when that whole area fills in:

Happy Black Friday shopping! I am skipping the stores to make Pierogis and Christmas cookies. I’m in for Cyber Monday, though.

Until next time, Dear Friends,


Macroment: Taking Up Residence In My Tripod

I had my tripod set up all day outside waiting for birds. I snapped quite a few photos but they all sucked. No problem, I will try another day.

As I was closing up the tripod, I noticed this specimen was using my tripod. He got scared, ran up into my tripod somewhere, I shook him out and he ran away, fast. Then I turned around and he had reappeared. ALLRIGHT! I was in business:


With this image, I bid you goodnight,


Macroment: Surrounded By Beauty

These photos  I took yesterday make me wonder what it would be like to be so small, flitting around in a garden, surrounded by and immersed in so much beauty.

Then I came back to reality and realized that it’s probably quite violent at this level in the garden and these bugs are trying not to get eaten by something else.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating today,


Photos From My Week

Gaura flower ~ I didn’t realize there was a little bug in my picture!
Muhly Grass ~ Sprinkler water weighing down the grass.
Pansy ~ Sprinkler water drops on pansy.
A very small butterfly that stayed still for me.
Same butterfly from above, I like the wing position in this photo.
Moss rose still blooming, surprisingly.
I’m always amazed by the little Blue Daze.
Little ladybug still active in November ~ Found on my Hibiscus plant.

Hello All! I am sharing with you some of my favorite snaps of this week. I found an easy to use photo editor app called Photo Director that I have been playing with. I am able to have a nicer signature and I use the sharpening aspect to make my photos a little crisper.

I hope you enjoyed them!

Happy Friday,