Foaped It: Cha, Cha ,Cha CHIA ~ Seeds

I foaped these but they didn’t make the cut. I like them, though. No macro lens because I hadn’t received it yet.

Thoughts anyone? I’m sure I can do better but what is the key? What is it that I’m missing? I thought the flower was a nice touch…. If I don’t say so myself, LOL!

Ok, the last one is a little blurry. Waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa WA 😞.

Have a great evening or a great Wednesday and enjoy all of your fails because we have to sop up every last moment of our human experience good, medium and bad. Yes, this is a pep talk to myself from my big fail at work last week.  LOL!

GO Cubbies!



4 thoughts on “Foaped It: Cha, Cha ,Cha CHIA ~ Seeds

  1. I like your attitude. It is important to ‘sop up’ all of life’s experiences. And the photography is a part of the learning curve. Sometimes that curve isn’t straight but has a lot of wiggles ( at least mine does)

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  2. It is all about how you personally see it that makes it what it is. I find the pictures lovely. Creative for one thing. The last picture on my big screen looks good and in fact the seeds resemble stones that are very attractive ones. The flower definitely is a marvelous addition. Voila, from my perspective it all looks lovely and fine.

    On the other hand I know what you are talking about, it is all about what life handing out, the challenges, of course it is all uphill on some days. But then it keeps us striving when the going is not quite what we would like it to be. Then again…I say it is what it is, and being where we are is another aspect of this learning we are all encountering and working with.

    How lovely you are. Enjoyed your sharing with these pictures.

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    1. Ooh, thank you so much for your perspective! I did not even think to look at it on my laptop, I was looking at the phone only. I am blushing that you thought me creative because I do not consider myself creative at all! Maybe I’m evolving… “It is what it is” has become one of my go to thoughts. I was first introduced to this saying at work many, many years ago and I resented it so much but now I see how true it is, perhaps I couldn’t handle the truth back then. Thank you for your thoughts, they and you are truly appreciated. I enjoy your blog very much.

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