Third Day : “Water” Image Orientation

I am participating in Photography: Developing Your Eye I. I have skipped Day 2 because my attempt at a wide angle street shot was absolutely terrible and I couldn’t bring myself to publish it ~ I will come back to it eventually.

The subject of water, however, is much more doable. Probably because I like water which is natural, nutritious, flowing, soothing, brings wildlife to the area and is pleasing to me. Streets have their positive side but they don’t particularly inspire me these days.

Therefore, I am skipping ahead to  the waterfall we pass by everyday on our walk:


One of theses days I am going to capture on camera the very camera shy turtles, geese and herons that hang out over here. I have a plan.

Have a great Saturday,



7 thoughts on “Third Day : “Water” Image Orientation

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like them. I also really appreciate the feedback, I feel spoiled because you and others always give me positive feedback. Always making me feel good, LOL! I’ve got some street pictures today but it’s cloudy, I might re do when the sun comes out. I’ll see. Have a great evening!

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