Macroments: From The Front Garden Today

Hello All,

I was really feeling frustrated yesterday as I could not get a clear picture that met my standards to save my life. Everything seemed to have a blurry look to it.

I was looking on Instagram and WordPress at all the beautiful, clear, crisp pictures with just the right lighting and perfect reflections that I can not possibly duplicate at this time.

Well, I actually cut some flowers off the plant and tried to set up a nicely composed picture with a background and all of that. I didn’t like it. I like to look at other people’s awesome pictures but I realized that I like to photograph living plants, flowers, insects, etc in their natural environment and with whatever sunlight might be available. I guess I LIKE my pictures kind of raw. It is, however, very difficult to photograph things that are blowing in the wind or flying off.

I just have to realize that if I want to take pictures like this, it helps if conditions are right. I need to think about what hour of the day has the best lighting, when are the insects out, when are the flowers open and to keep learning how to use the camera that I have ~ I’m still a baby at it.

I also decided that my pictures don’t always have to be totally perfect. I just need to enjoy what I’m doing and I had an excellent time snapping these shots:

I was just happy to go and look for stuff in the garden ~ Thanks to Allan who never says no he doesn’t want to go in the front garden but goes out there everytime and helps me look for photo opportunities AND looks at the hundreds of pictures that don’t make the cut. THAT is love!

Enjoy your hobby because it’s yours and you love it,

Candice~Marie CMB


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