Tiny, Crisp and Clear with a little Bokeh in the Background

I LOVE The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny this week. The world and our days, hours and minutes move so fast that it is so difficult to really take our time and take a thorough look at anything anymore. We miss so many tiny details and we are really missing out when we don’the take the time to stop and look.

The sprinklers went on last night for the photos I have been waiting for so here we go:

Regular Size


Looking Closely
Regular Size
The details


I really enjoy focusing in on the tiny details that I would otherwise miss.

Have a great Saturday!


Almost walked right by this guy this morning hanging out in our hallway:

Captured him in a glass and set him free outside!


15 thoughts on “Tiny, Crisp and Clear with a little Bokeh in the Background

      1. I am scared of spiders, luckily we don’t have big ones here in Belgium nor are they poisoneous. Funny thing is that I am not afraid of spiders in the garden or anywhere else as long as they are out of my house ! 😀


      1. I have had problems withwordpress, I don’t know what happened. I have 2 other blogs here, I can view them but I can’t add posts anylonger. I tried everything they told me to do but alas. It’s a long story. But when I click my avatar it gives me a page with info about me and at the bottom a link to my blog…..

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