Macroment: Am I Invading Your Space?

Good Morning! How was Black Friday for anyone who braved it? I have gone out shopping on Black Friday only a few times. There are simply too many people and I have a certain space requirement of about, I don’the know, but it’s large and I feel uncomfortable when people invade that space.  I call those that clearly give no thought to their own space which means they don’t pick up on the fact that they are invading my space ~ Space Invaders. You are talking to me, I keep backing up, don’t you wonder why? LOL! Apparently, America has the largest general personal space requirements. Anyways, I feel like when I’m  taking some of my photos that I am definitely being a Space Invader.


I was able to finish making the Pierogis yesterday. The cookies got put off to today because I made a pizza from scratch instead.

Today, I make Hungarian Christmas cookies and most likely be a Space Invader in the garden.

Enjoy the day,



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