Still Flowering In December

Hello All! 

It’s gotten into the low 30s here in Texas this last week and it was a bit much for my beloved garden. There were still some buds and flowering activity on the Viburnum bushes which are mostly covered in berries right now.

I have captured the progression from to bud to berry below.

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Macroment: Fly In The Garden

I had difficulty identifying this fly so I am unable to say for sure what type of fly it might be. In my search, I ran across a flesh fly that looked similar but I think this fly might be too small and it’s hanging out on my garden instead of eating flesh off some dead thing.  I found this one on my Hibiscus plant and it was VERY small. If I wasn’t looking for something specifically small, I wouldn’t have noticed it by just looking casually at my Hibiscus plant.

I suppose it could be eating microscopic Poo left by some other creature….

As is the norm for my posts, I have taken 3 pictures of the same subject from small to big because I like doing that….

I  am really amazed at how much interesting detail there is when you get up close, it’s a whole new world!

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No More  “Creature”, “Winged Thing” or “Flying Thing” ETC.

Hello All! I have good news! I am now going to attempt to identify all of these little creatures I seem to like so much. I may still name them my own names but only after I have identified or attempted to identify the creature.

Today, I introduce you to ~ Drumroll Please ~ The Nonbiting Midge which is a Nematoceran Fly (previously known, by moi, as “Flying Thing” because it has wings). I could, officially, refer to it as a Fuzzy Bill because of the bushy antennae which also identifies this one I came across as a male ~ Make sure to take note of the fuzzy antennae in the 2nd and 3rd pictures, they are pretty cool.

Fuzzy Bill doesn’t have very good flying skills and was most likely blown over from his birth place ~ The Golf Course Man Made Totally Unatural Pond Where Ducks, Herons and Egrets Try To Protect Their Eggs From Golf Course Officials Who Want Nothing To Do With Nature And Try To Wipe Them All Out By Killing The Eggs (do I sound bitter?). Now, he will forever be stuck in my garden unless he gets blown away somewhere again OR he gets eaten by a dragon fly who views Fuzzy Bill as a delicious meal. Like I have said before, my beautiful garden gets extremely dangerous and savage if you are at a certain level (the bug level).

Don’t be afraid to correct me if I have totally misidentified this guy but I think I got this one right, the pictures match pretty good.

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Macroment: Snow White

I don’t know where the seven dwarves are but this is as close as I could get to snow here in Texas today. I see Greenbay and Chicago have snow today!

Normal Size ~ She is the little speck to the left of the center of the grass:

 Let’s get a little closer still with no macro lens:

Now let’s add the Camkix Macro Lens:

She sure is pretty!

Captured with my Samsung Note 4 plus Camkix Macro Lens.

Enjoy winter any way you can!


‘Tis The Season Galore!

Hello! I have been far,far away. Well, not that far but I had meetings last week that happened to be held at a wonderful hotel and I had to stay there. I prefer to be at home but since I had to go, I really couldn’t complain about the accommodations. I had no time to take pictures, but, here is what I was able to snap:

A hotel that leaves strawberries in my room? WHAT?

A  room with a view of a whole lotta sky!


The Christmas Season was in full bloom here, it was more beautiful in person ~ It is especially important that I take the time to enjoy not only the Christmas Season but all the Seasons as well as something each and every day. This is just something I think is important that everyone should do.



There is only sunlight in the lobby for a small amount of time in the morning and then the lighting was a little dark for the rest of the day. I would have liked to have been able to take more time but it wasn’t possible. I wasn’t going to take any photos at all but I couldn’t help myself. 😆

Sweet Dreams All!