Macroment: Fly In The Garden

I had difficulty identifying this fly so I am unable to say for sure what type of fly it might be. In my search, I ran across a flesh fly that looked similar but I think this fly might be too small and it’s hanging out on my garden instead of eating flesh off some dead thing.  I found this one on my Hibiscus plant and it was VERY small. If I wasn’t looking for something specifically small, I wouldn’t have noticed it by just looking casually at my Hibiscus plant.

I suppose it could be eating microscopic Poo left by some other creature….

As is the norm for my posts, I have taken 3 pictures of the same subject from small to big because I like doing that….

I  am really amazed at how much interesting detail there is when you get up close, it’s a whole new world!

Have a great evening,



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