No More  “Creature”, “Winged Thing” or “Flying Thing” ETC.

Hello All! I have good news! I am now going to attempt to identify all of these little creatures I seem to like so much. I may still name them my own names but only after I have identified or attempted to identify the creature.

Today, I introduce you to ~ Drumroll Please ~ The Nonbiting Midge which is a Nematoceran Fly (previously known, by moi, as “Flying Thing” because it has wings). I could, officially, refer to it as a Fuzzy Bill because of the bushy antennae which also identifies this one I came across as a male ~ Make sure to take note of the fuzzy antennae in the 2nd and 3rd pictures, they are pretty cool.

Fuzzy Bill doesn’t have very good flying skills and was most likely blown over from his birth place ~ The Golf Course Man Made Totally Unatural Pond Where Ducks, Herons and Egrets Try To Protect Their Eggs From Golf Course Officials Who Want Nothing To Do With Nature And Try To Wipe Them All Out By Killing The Eggs (do I sound bitter?). Now, he will forever be stuck in my garden unless he gets blown away somewhere again OR he gets eaten by a dragon fly who views Fuzzy Bill as a delicious meal. Like I have said before, my beautiful garden gets extremely dangerous and savage if you are at a certain level (the bug level).

Don’t be afraid to correct me if I have totally misidentified this guy but I think I got this one right, the pictures match pretty good.

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