Repurposed From My Instagram Account

I like to repurpose photos from my instagram account into blog posts. I haven’t done that in a while ~ This challenge reminded that I could do this, I had forgotten.

Easy Breezy!

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Sunlight Filtering Through The Window

I took this picture earlier in the week, wondering what I was going to do with it but it works for The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Filter as the sunlight filters through our window for a very short period of time ~ I liked the shape and pattern it made on the wall.


Photo taken with my Samsung Note 4 ~ no special lens this time.



Me and Conventional Wisdom

Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

Me: I’m going to start telling people I’m a photographer.

People I Know: Don’t quit your day job.

People I Know: You can’t call yourself a photographer, you haven’t even been published.

Me: I probably won’t quit my day job but I publish everyday! BEEP BEEP BOOP! Plus, if I tell the hairstylist at the salon I work in corporate America she won’t cut my hair the way I want but if I tell her I’m a photographer then she will give me the assymetrical haircut I want. It’s true. In addition, I am what I believe I am and I’ll go from there because when I retire in 20 years I’ll have 20 years photography experience and there will be NO doubt, that I am a photographer! I will need something to do and a supplemental income….

Here are a few of my favorites that I photographed within the last 9 months:

Do what makes you happy,