WPC: Graceful

The graceful side of things:

Rain drops on spider web.
Dandelion weed.
Great Blue Heron

Photos taken with my Samsung Note 4 + Camkix Macro and Telephoto Lenses ~ Minimal Editing.

Have a great weekend,




28 thoughts on “WPC: Graceful

  1. Absolutely LOVED your raindrops on a spiders web!! That is so stunningly graceful and elegant it just captures your eye and holds it – like a spiders web is meant to do?

    You have a wonderful eye (the true genius of visual art). You should enter this shot in some national competitions. There are some awards out there with your name on them!!

    Have you ever illustrated poetry with your photos, as in a scrapbook or coffee table book format? Would love to talk about it? I have words that need portraits – ha! Come see me – thereluctantpoetweb.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking “I Am Not A Poet”! I have posted “Droplet” that was inspired by your “Raindrops on spider web” photo. Having looked at others photos I can once again vouch for the fact that your photo would be an award winner.


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