Discover Challenge ~The Greatest Song Repertoire In The World

Northern Mockingbirds have one of the greatest song repertoires in the world. They have their own sounds but they also borrow, mimic, adopt and modify other birds’ songs and can sing a beautiful array of songs in a row. In the spring it can go on all night long. They are amazing, I love them.

This bird hangs out by our mailboxes. He is sitting on the Wisteria vines that cover the structure over our mailboxes.


Photographed with my Samsung Note 4 + Camkix Telephoto lens ~ Minimal editing.

There Is Always Something To Discover,



4 thoughts on “Discover Challenge ~The Greatest Song Repertoire In The World

    1. It is a relatively new bird in my life since moving to Texas. I did not see this bird in Chicago. I would imagine there are some interesting birds in South Africa. That Wisteria is out of control, fast grower!


      1. Indeed we do have some very interesting birdies down here in SA!
        And we have wisteria on the property as well.
        There was a purple one that adorned the front of the house when we moved here. But this had to go as it had been left to run riot and was in the roof etc.
        Too much maintenance for me.
        We also have a white one growing up some very tall Cacti along the driveway.
        I shall post photos when it flowers again.
        Quite beautiful.

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      2. The wisteria is quite beautiful when it flowers but you are right, too much maintenance! We are replacing ours with Honeysuckle Vine to attract hummingbirds. I look forward to your white wisteria photos!

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