Me and Conventional Wisdom

Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

Me: I’m going to start telling people I’m a photographer.

People I Know: Don’t quit your day job.

People I Know: You can’t call yourself a photographer, you haven’t even been published.

Me: I probably won’t quit my day job but I publish everyday! BEEP BEEP BOOP! Plus, if I tell the hairstylist at the salon I work in corporate America she won’t cut my hair the way I want but if I tell her I’m a photographer then she will give me the assymetrical haircut I want. It’s true. In addition, I am what I believe I am and I’ll go from there because when I retire in 20 years I’ll have 20 years photography experience and there will be NO doubt, that I am a photographer! I will need something to do and a supplemental income….

Here are a few of my favorites that I photographed within the last 9 months:

Do what makes you happy,



30 thoughts on “Me and Conventional Wisdom

    1. Hee hee, thank you! What I wrote is what I think people would say. I have yet to tell anyone outside the blogoshere that I am a photographer. I will tell the hairstylist though when I go on Feb. 4 because I have many times been denied the haircut I want because they advise something more tame to go along with my profession… I’m building myself up to take the next step, so to speak. It would also be embarrassing if someone were to ask me too many questions that I don’t have answers to. Perhaps I should say I’m aspiring to be a photographer, yeah, I think I could make that work. 😨🙄😆


  1. And you are already published! Right here. Stunning. For now, your creativity is all yours too – no influence from the person paying you, just what lights up your heart and lens. Maybe that’s what day jobs are good for. Keeping our souls free to express

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  2. Well said, do what makes you happy. I am glad I went back to scuba diving and took an interest in underwater photography. This is also timely as I am retiring and this is wonderful time for me. I can do what makes me happy and sharing them in my blog.
    Enjoy what you are doing .
    Great photos . Love the macro photos and also galleries of photos as well.


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