This One Could Make Me Tremble, If I Allowed It

I will not tremble in fear, because, what’s the worse that could happen, really?  It’s Texas…. The antidotes are only a short ambulance ride to the hospital, no problem.

Photographed with the company provided Samsung Note 4 plus my trusty Camkix macro lens. Minimal editing, of course.

Sweet Dreams,



5 thoughts on “This One Could Make Me Tremble, If I Allowed It

  1. I think I could have gone without these photos but was tempted to check. Loved – “what’s the worst that could happen? It’s Texas”. Yeah, most people don’t know about the brown recluse.

    Sweet Dreams?? Ha! Are you kidding I’m going to be dodging nightmares tonight!! I do have to confess you did evoke strong emotions – congratulations, I guess!!!

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  2. Ever since I was 6 and ran face first thru a web with a Argiope in it, I have feared all spiders. Macro photography has help me make peace with these fascinating folks. Jumping spiders are akin to quirky otters, and a recent encounter with a Golden Huntsman was endearing (tho, at first sight I admit to screaming like a child, and jumping out of my loafers).

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