Camelback Mountain

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2 thoughts on “Camelback Mountain

  1. Camelback Mountain. When I was a kid ( in the 50s) I used to go with my parents for christmas to the Camelback Inn. I don’t know if that resort is still there but back then it was in the middle of the desert with nothing but cactus for miles. I loved it. We used to go for trail rides every day.

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    1. I just Googled it and the JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort and Spa came up. I wonder if it’s the same place you are talking about. A lot of times, chains keep the original name along with the chain name if it was a landmark. Hyatt owns the Royal Palms Resort and Spa (where I took the picture of Camelback from)which is considered a landmark or historical for the area, they just bought it recently from Destination Properties. I wish I had time when I was there to enjoy the area! A trail ride sure sounds nice!

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