Not a Good Match? That’s Ok, Call Uber

We got married on Valentine’s Day, I had to work the rest of the week, entertain a house guest and then travel to Phoenix for work missing my husband’s birthday and not really being able to enjoy our new married status.  Soooooo, I took this week off and booked us a last minute trip to Vegas, Baby!

We live quite a distance from the airport so we, also last minute, got a hotel room in Dallas this evening so we don’t have to get up so early Monday morning.

Where to go for dinner in Dallas? Our only option is super market Sushi in our town so, hell, the hotel has a free shuttle to Nobu Dallas, we’re in.

Only, we got talked into Zenna instead so the shuttle dropped us off at Zenna, a Thai and Japanese place. Ok, we are total food snobs. We are, that’s the facts. I knew before I walked in that I didn’t want to eat there. The smell of bleach sealed the deal that this was not a good match for us.

Uber to the rescue! Off to Nobu which was a good match. An excellent match, actually. I don’t like to pay good money unless it’s worth it and it was worth it.

The food was delicious, the service was excellent and here are some examples of the wonderful ambience ~ We made a good call on that one!

View from bar into dining room 
Sake Anyone?
More Sake 






I  wouldn’t eat here all the time due to it being pricey but it was great for our special occasion and I would do it again next year.




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