Floral Friday: Teeny Tinies 

I did use my macro lens on these. These are some sweet little flowers that are part of a hummingbird / butterfly seed mix that we planted in a window box. We can’t wait to see what other flowers bloom.

No takers on the flowers yet.

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Dense with Sunflowers To Be

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Dense.





Sunflower seeds are very reliable as anyone who feeds birds will know! Those little seeds that those sparrows throw out of the feeder and that don’t get eaten by others will sprout up, no problem!

The above photos are from a packet of seeds that we sowed in a planter pot. They came up very dense, I hope they will not suffer from over crowding. I also noticed that the leaves are quite dense, comparatively speaking, to some of my more delicate plants.



Silent Sunday: Resting on Pomegranate Leaf