A Few Tidbits about ME:

  • My name is Candice~Marie.
  • I realized in October 2015 that I like to take pictures.
  • I love life and all the stuff in it.
  • I take the good with the bad and keep on going because life is an adventure.
  • I like to give myself challenges ~ My current challenge is to sell one picture on FOAP.
  • As I always have a Plan B, I am researching photo competitions.
  • I appreciate criticism along with compliments, that’s how I improve.
  • I take all of the pictures you see on my blog myself using my Samsung Note 4 plus Camkix Macro Lens or Camkix Telephoto Lens.
  • I don’t doctor up my pictures but I do “sharpen” them a little bit.
  • I work with natural light.
  • I, originally, was undecided about signing my photos but I have since started to sign my photos ~ I try to hide it within the pictures so that it is not too noticeable. I am working in deciding if it would make sense to get a copyright.
  • My goal with this blog is to share something I enjoy as well as interact and learn from other bloggers.

I hope my blog is worth your time and that you enjoy what I have to offer. Let’s get this party started!

Best, Candice~Marie

P.S. ~ I am an Award Free Blog ~ Interacting with all of you is a treat in itself.


20 thoughts on “About

    1. Hello! Welcome to the blog world, it’s a lot of fun. I’m glad to meet you for sure. I appreciate the nomination but I am going to keep my blog award free. I used to participate in them in my blog past but there are so many, it became kind of a chore. I really appreciate the gesture. I look forward to reading your blog. 😊

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      1. Thank you for the follow!
        My nomination was my way of expressing my respect and admiration for your photos. But no problem..I understand.
        Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures..Waiting for more!
        Happy Blogging! 😄

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  1. Nice pics Candice. Happy to be aboard and see you in my reader.

    For what it’s worth, I feel some unique identifier – perhaps discrete – is a good way to go. It’s hard to keep track of work over time and through high volumes. Date and copyright capacity have become tedious necessities over here.



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    1. Thanks and noted about the date and copyright. I need to update my about, I have started to put my signature on my pictures but I try to hide it real good within the picture. Have to read on copyrights. Nice to meet you!

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  2. Get this party started? My kinda girl! My, oh my, your work is so worth the time and so satisfying to the soul! Great about statement. Looking forward to all that you are doing. Oh, and, in my opinion – yes, you should “daintily” sign your photos in the bottom right so that the world knows who has that great set of eyes!!!! And also, how is someone supposed to know who to hunt down and thank for the inspiration and joy??? If you haven’t started to enter National Competitions, maybe you should think about it?

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      1. I just noticed in your “about” that you are deciding about getting a copyright. You can check this out on google. Nolo press has some excellent info on this along with other sites. You can protect your work by placing a copyright symbol at the bottom of your photo followed by the date, your name and “All Rights Reserved.” If you don’t place a copyright notice on your work it is harder to protect your work from falling into the public domain. Letting something fall into the Public Domain is like donating your work for the world to use free of charge.

        Thanks so much for following my blog. I look for your posts!!!

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  3. What a sweet wonder your photos are. Just lovely. And what everyone else has said…yep, copyright. Your work is too good to leave it out there “unprotected’.

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    1. I appreciate your kind words, thank you very much. I am confused by the copyright stuff but I’ll tackle that as soon as my US citizenship gets settled. Too much going on right now, LOL!


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